Renovation & Restoration

We ensure that all our architectural work is delivered to the right place at the right time. We assist with the planning and logistics to ensure stone matching is accurate and properly handled on site.


Stone gateposts have stood the test of time and many will last many years until they need replacing either through natural erosion or man-made damage. It is often the case that one out a pair of gateposts weather much faster than the other due to being closer to a wall or building and being in a wind trap. A.D Calvert has experience in matching and fitting gateposts.

Replacement gate piers at St Hilda’s Church, South Shields are topped with part repaired, part renewed sandstone finials. This project necessitated a close working relationship between A.D Calvert and the renovation team to construct this landmark gateway from written records, photograph records and clues remaining in the eroded stones themselves.


A.D Calvert has created a wide range of architectural features. If you would like guidance or have a specific requirement please feel free to telephone the stone yard where we can discuss how we can assist you.

We undertook extensive repairs to the façade of St Hilda’s church , South Shields which involved completely renewing a sandstone doorway and string course, renewal of a circular window plus some surrounding stone work and replacement of stone to the tower where the erosion was the worst. This renovation project required careful measurement, and knowledge of stone weathering to correctly stone match colour and texture.

Heads & Cills

If you would like to know more about the various different styles or shapes of Heads and Cills we can offer, then please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact details located within the contact page.

Stone Archways

A new sandstone stable block in Middleham, North Yorkshire exemplifies another rewarding combination of different stone finishes, this time to establish textural and architectural contrast within the context of a pre-existing stable yard. Reclaimed stone to match other buildings was used for general walling whilst the archway, window, corbels, water tables and ridges were created from new sawn stone.


Beautiful made to order classical columns plain, fluted, barley twisted, straight or with entasis (internal and external).

Walls & Boundaries

A.D Calvert has a selection of dressed stone in stock.

Decorative Features

We have a wealth of experience within this field of architectural masonry and will undertake any project with enthusiasm and dedication producing quality personalised stone work to any specification.

A.D Calvert has worked with Tupgill Park, a private folly and pleasure garden in Coverdale, for many years. A.D Calvert has produced various decorative features including sandstone gargoyles. Their traditional decorative architecture and their carving celebrate centuries of stonemasons skills of which have been passed from craftsman to craftsman over the centuries.

A.D Calvert has a selection of carved ornamentation in stock including church crosses, urns, finials, busts, gargoyles and so forth.

Window Surrounds

Replacing stone and decorative features from a seriously eroded bay window sited on a private house in Ripon required stone by stone measurement on site, followed by detailed working drawings to ensure accuracy and a perfect fit of new stone with the old.


A.D Calvert Architectural Stone Supplies Ltd are specialists in the production of the finest stone balustrade. We are confident that our comprehensive range includes a style that will meet your needs and, if not, that our skilled craftsmen can create balustrade to your specification - including the replacement of existing balustrade damaged by time.